Counting cards

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Counting cards

Being able to count cards can improve your chances of winning. Casinos understandably enough do not like you counting cards and will try everything they can to prevent you from doing it at all. Although counting cards is not illegal any member of casino will ask you to leave the premises, or give back any winnings should they notice what you are doing at all.

To begin with you should try to count playing cards to discover if it is a strategy that may succeed for you. Counting cards is not as easy as you would think. You attempt to count the cards, which have been dealt, and thus what could be dealt next. Only a small number of players get the hang of doing it, and working out their best chances of winning.

Practice and practice again

There are online gaming sites that allow you a certain number of free blackjack plays. This will provide practice without any cost Further more not a single one of the site can possibly know that you are counting. It will aid you in your efforts to develop and perfect the best techniques for making the counting method to deliver more wins.


Use software

You can use game simulation programs to gain experience. The settings on these packages can be adjusted so that it can change as your skills improve. It will count the cards too allowing you to check how accurate you are.

Practice with your friends

If you have friends who also like playing blackjack you could play games among yourselves. You can practice and have some fun at the same time. Just do not tell your friends you are counting. Remember that if they can catch you counting then casino staff will definitely spot you doing it. It will help you to hone your covert skills.

Now see how others play blackjack and keep up with games

If you in the casino watch others play and count during a real game. If you are not playing then nobody is going to watch out for you.

Go ahead and play

Once you think that you have had enough practice try playing at your nearest casino then. It is the only sure way of finding out if you card counting techniques are good enough to help you win and avoid being detected. May be you find it worth the effort or you may kick the entire idea into touch.